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Give us an excuse to pick up your rugs in the Sacramento Area. Why? For more than 30 years ShaNei has been cleaning, repairing, and restoring Oriental rugs in Northern California.

ShaNei Area Rug Cleaning is still among the oldest and only full-service area rug cleaning facilities in the Sacramento Area. Our professional staff can help with pick-up and delivery or one can simply bring your area rugs to us. We welcome you to visit our state-of-the-art cleaning facility open 10- M-S. There, we can provide your area rugs with all the necessary attention, for instance, repair, chemically free moth removal, pet urine removal, or even provide you a top-quality rug pad among others. We clean Oriental area rugs from around the world such as wool, silk, cotton, and synthetic rugs.

All our rugs are examined, tested for cleaning. We start the process by vacuuming to remove sand and many other dry particulates. Each rug is then hand washed and rinsed until the water runs clear. The rug is then hung for air drying. Clean rugs are then placed overnight in our climate-regulated drying room. Any finished work is performed the next day. Sacramento is our community and we want to be your professional area rug cleaning specialist.

Repair and restoration: We have an experienced, skilled, and thorough oriental rug restoration department. If your handmade rug is damaged let us fix it before the damage becomes worse and more difficult to restore. We can repair holes or tears in the edges and body of your oriental carpet or rug, replace the pile where it has worn away and other forms of Oriental rug restoration.

Moth-proofing, wrapping for Storage: If you are planning to have your wool pile rugs stored for six months or longer, we recommend that they be moth-proofed. Also, all rugs that will not be in use for any length of time should be protectively wrapped for storage with mothballs wrapped in clear plastic for extra protection.

Appraisal: Periodic appraisal of your rug can be very helpful should your rug be involved in a fire, theft, or other loss. A replacement cost appraisal can be done in your home or at our store. Call us to discuss this.

Preserve Your Investment and have your Oriental Rug Cleaning Services by Professionals

Hiring a professional oriental rug cleaning and restoration service is an essential part of preserving the value, beauty, and integrity of your antique and modern styles rugs investments.

At ShaNei, our antique rug restoration experts and professional rug cleaners have been cleaning antique rugs and modern rugs since 1989.

To us, cleaning a rug goes beyond removing the surface dirt. It is also an important part of maintaining the natural fibers and rug structure.

Our expert oriental rug cleaners are trained to cleanse antique and modern rugs from all-natural fibers, including cotton, wool, and silk. For the past three decades, our antique and modern rugs cleaning team in California has reinvigorated valuable textiles and rugs made with sensitive colors and delicate natural fibers.

As a leader in the global market of Persian & Oriental Rugs, we have the knowledge and experience to safely clean high-end Persian rugs and irreplaceable antique oriental rugs. Our professional rug cleaners deliver service with a level of care that has made us a choice for international collectors and the most discerning clients.

With ShaNei's experience in Antique and Modern Rugs, we will make your rug look elegant, sharp, and breathtaking once again. We know the importance a clean carpet can bring to your home's environment; this is why we will treat your rug with the best of care.

Professional cleaning is recommended for most rugs and carpets every three to four years. Our cleaning process for two to three weeks.

With our locations in Gold River, we consider ourselves experts in the Persian and Oriental Rug and Rug Cleaning and Rug Repair industry. Contact us to have your existing rug cleaning done by professionals.

Pickup and Delivery throughout the greater Sacramento area.

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To schedule your Persian or Oriental Rug cleaning
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We can do even more for you:

   * Professional Hand washing
   * Expert Restoration
   * Stain Removal
   * Deodorize
   * Mothproof
   * Scotch guard
   * Block Rugs
   * Wrap for Storage
   * Rug Padding
   * Securing Ends
   * Wrap Selvage
   * Vinyl Edging (Curly Rugs)
   * Re-Knot Pile (Re-Weaving)
   * Re-Weaving & Re-Knotting
   * Appraisals

With our 30 years experience crow ready to serve you.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for cleaning, and an additional time for repairs, if needed.


                             if you stand on it.....
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